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No matter the occasion, we will help you make it memorable.  Kuppie's Bakery creates classic party cakes and cookies. Although we don't work with fondant, we make a delicious frosting that is homemade and unforgettable.  Although we don't work with copyrighted material, we love to personalize frosted cookies and bars.  Wonderful for birthdays, showers and holidays, we're excited that our treats are becoming popular as party favors as well!


Who needs a reason to celebrate? Bring and enjoy our hand-filled cannoli to a Saturday night dinner party with friends. Indulge in sweet rolls or a coffee cake during your Sunday morning brunch with family. Even sneak in a few bite-sized cookies into today's lunch box. 

about kuppie's bakery

After working in a bakery for 16 odd years, Dawn Hanrahan decided it was time to open her own.  Although she knew the types of delicacies she wanted to create, choosing the name was a tougher decision. Not wanting to favor any of her four children, Dawn decided to honor her mother, Claudia Jean, with the nickname the kids had called her throughout the years, 'Kuppie'.  

Cookie jars make up the majority of the decor at Kuppie's, which was the perfect showcase for these gifts Dawn has received over the years from friends and family. Each one is not only a colorful decoration, but also a fond memory.

Kuppie's Bakery is conveniently located next to a coffee shop and a deli, which promotes customers to shop local and find everything they need in one location.